About Christina

Operations Management

Driven by meaningful community engagement and thought-provoking conversations, Christina is a homelessness activist and event producer who is dedicated to eliminating poverty and homelessness in Vancouver. With the utmost grit and tenacity, she intends to create this reality through providing employment opportunities to people in need. Since 2014, she organized four Street Stores in Vancouver – a free pop-up clothing shop where individuals living on the streets have a dignified shopping experience to find gently used clothing items, accessories and shoes they wanted and liked. Volunteers, who would act as sales associates, would enthusiastically assist shoppers with their wants and needs — resembling a real shopping experience. To date, the Street Store has received support from 200+ volunteers, 10,000+ donations from our local community, 50 partners, 15 media releases and 2000+ shoppers. Outside of her professional path, Christina refers to herself as a life hacker. Her current and most consistent life hack that she uses on the daily is being curious and not judgmental. She firmly believes that this mindset is a catalyst creating memorable and compelling conversations with people in the community.