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Why Volunteer With Us?

Employ to Empower supports residents in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside community by providing access to development and entrepreneurial resources. Our resources include affordable microloans and business mentorship, with the goal of having a long-term impact on our members’ personal and economic well being. We also actively advocate for creating positive social change in the Downtown Eastside.

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Current Volunteer Opportunities

If you're interested in one of the opportunities below or If you have other volunteering ideas that aren’t listed below, please contact christina@employtoempower.com.

Course Facilitator
In Person
Community Mentor
In Person
Sponsorship Coordinator
In Person/Virtual
Digital Marketing Specialist
Development Course Coordinator
In Person
Specialist Mentor
Virtual and/or In Person
Employ to Empower Community Champion
In Person

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Contact us for answers to all of your questions or to sign up for our services! We're always available to answer any of your questions or provide you with support if needed.

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