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Starting Date April 1, 2021

Organization Overview

Employ to Empower (ETE) supports residents in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES) community by providing access to development and entrepreneurial resources. Our resources include affordable micro-loans and business mentorship, with the goal of having a long-term impact on our members’ personal and economic well-being. We also actively advocate for creating positive social change in the DTES.

Cardboard Project Event Overview

The Cardboard Project is a unique, artistic exhibit that features a collection of 100+ written experiences by Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside residents. This year on Saturday May 15th, the Cardboard Project 3.0 will be taking on a virtual platform, showcasing the Cardboard pieces collected from this year and previous years’ using a unique digital display to link our audience with the stories behind these pieces.

The messages on the cardboard pieces reflect responses to this year’s question: What have you learned about connection and community in the past year?

In the midst of a historic moment in time, globally we have faced a year of social disconnect and isolation, challenging the way that we connect with others and shining a light on the importance of community. We will collect responses from both members of our DTES community, members of the greater Vancouver community, and all those participating virtually.

We hope that these responses will provide insight to attendees of the very human and very real experiences that this past year has brought. This year we will host our event virtually, where our Entrepreneurs as well as Community Thought Leaders will share the lessons, the realities, and the hopes that we have for community connectedness moving forward.

We hope that this event provides a space to reflect on our year, remind us of our resiliency, and shed light on the importance of staying socially connected within our communities, in whatever way that we can. Most importantly, we hope to give insight to the impact that the global pandemic has had on our Downtown Eastside community, and just as prevalent the meaning of community and connection have been.

We are all connected by our vulnerabilities.

Position Description

Title Description: Videographer – Cardboard Project 3.0 Website
Reporting To: Advocacy Team: Dori Julian – Event Specialist (Volunteer Recruitment), Charissa Landicho – Community Outreach, and Juliette Wong – Event Specialist (Logistics)
Location: Vancouver, BC (DTES)
Desired Start Date: March 1, 2021
Commitment: March 1, 2021 – May 15, 2021, Several time slots in March and April to film members of the DTES at ETE’s office & variable hours/week depending on the chosen candidate’s schedule to edit videos before the website launch
Position Type: Volunteer

Position Summary

The Videographer for Cardboard Project 3.0 reports directly to the Advocacy team and is responsible for capturing and editing videos of community members who wish to share a story/explanation to accompany cardboard pieces that they created for the Cardboard Project 3.0 website. The website will feature cardboard pieces from the Downtown Eastside community in line with this year’s theme: “Community connectedness in a time of social isolation”. The Videographer will collaborate with the Audio Specialist and Web Developer to meet website requirements for videos. Videos will be filmed at ETE’s office in the DTES, will likely be around 1-2 minutes long, candid, and will capture subjects as unique individuals.

The Videographer will work alongside the Advocacy team to create the Cardboard Project 3.0 event that aligns with our mission: empowering the residents of the DTES with a Hand-up approach, providing a platform to share their strength and resilience, and educating the Vancouver community around the stigmas in the DTES.

Key Responsibilities

-Attend virtual training session to learn about Employ to Empower and the Cardboard Project
-Discuss video requirements with Event Specialist (Volunteer Recruitment)
-Capture and edit all videos of community members who created cardboard pieces for Cardboard Project 3.0 website
-Provide a platform for speakers to shine and share their stories
-Create videos that highlight speakers and do justice to their stories
-Provide regular updates to the Events Specialist (Volunteer Recruitment) about the progress of video editing
-Work with Audio Specialist and Web Developer to meet video requirements for Cardboard Project 3.0 website
-Work alongside the Advocacy team to create an event that aligns with ETE’s mission


-Experienced videographer and video editor
-Access to a video camera, laptop, and video editing software
-Ability to effectively communicate with Advocacy team, Web Developer, and Audio Specialist
-Flexibility – able to adapt and pivot in times of uncertainty (for example COVID-19)
-Diligence – completing tasks in a timely manner with great efficiency and effectiveness
-Sensitivity and compassion for speakers
-Passionate about ETE’s mission and the overall goal of the Cardboard Project: to dismantle prevailing negative stigmas and strive towards a Downtown Eastside neighbourhood where members are seen, heard, and validated, while feeling connected to the greater community.

Desired Qualities

-Experience photographing and editing art
-Compassionate and cares deeply for the DTES community
-Experience volunteering/working in the DTES and/or people who face barriers
-Strong interpersonal skills
-Demonstrates strong ability to communicate effectively both in writing and orally
-Ability to work as a team and individually
-Optional: have a following on social media to help promote the website and event by sharing ETE’s social media updates with followers

If you are having any difficulty uploading your documents please email a resume and cover letter to

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