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Our Story.

Every December, Vancouver hosts the Street Store, an annual free, dignified shopping experience for Downtown Eastside residents called the Street Store. This special event was started in 2014 by Christina Wong and takes place in the heart of the Downtown Eastside neighbourhood at the intersection of Columbia and Hastings. During her time leading and organizing the Street Store, and through her conversations with the community, she gained a better understanding of the real challenges and experiences of people living and working in the Downtown Eastside.

In 2017, Christina was at the Street Store when she met a four-year-old boy named Justin, who would effectively change the course of her life forever.

Upon opening the doors of the Street Store Justin came running in, full of energy and liveliness, excited about the possibility of finding a toy for Christmas. After spotting a guitar in Christina’s hands, he charged at her full force and immediately began playing with the strings and trying to make music. Later on, Christina had the opportunity to meet the boy’s parents, who expressed grief that they could not properly provide for their son, due to lack of a stable income.

It was in that moment that the idea for Employ to Empower was born and Christina’s quest to positively impact the community through employment and entrepreneurship began. The following month, Christina quit her full-time job and with the support of co-founder, Stephanie Chan, officially launched Employ to Empower.

Our Mission. 

We focus on providing long term, personalized support.

Our mission is to empower individuals who face work and social barriers to cultivate community connections through entrepreneurship and self-advocacy opportunities.

Our Vision. 

Every person has the opportunity to achieve long term self-reliance, economic well-being, and a sense of belonging.

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Our Values. 


Compassion comes first.


Genuine human connection.


Empower to build self-confidence.

Hand Up

Offer a hand up, not a hand out


Sustainable long-term effect.

Social Impact

Create social impact with everything we do.

What We Do.

Employ to Empower takes a compassion-focused, holistic approach to empowering residents in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside through development, entrepreneurship, and advocacy.


Our development program offers soft skills and basic business fundamental courses. It also connects residents to essential resources, such as counselling or housing.

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Our entrepreneurship program supports residents and their business aspirations through personalized weekly mentorship sessions and access to affordable microloans.

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We actively engage in advocacy work in the broader community and are committed to bringing about positive social change for the Downtown Eastside and it’s residents.

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Meet The Team.

Employ to Empower is a team of qualified, self starting, and adaptable professionals who put compassion first, and are committed to creating positive social change in the Downtown Eastside community.

Scott Shaw

Co-Founder @ Sutton Realty

Kyra Laverdiere

Corporate Citizenship @ TELUS

Breanne Lehodey

Associate @ BLG Law Group

Adam Lorant

Investor @ Magellan Angel Partners

Christina Wong

ED @ Employ To Empower

Christina Wong

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Charissa Landicho

Community Outreach Coordinator

Charissa is a Jill of All Trades and works tirelessly to support ETE in a breadth of different facets, including but not limited to: Community mentorship, Advocacy Lead, and Brand and Marketing Lead.

Truman Wong

Course Facilitator

Truman is an active community champion who facilitates our Basic Business Fundamentals courses for people who face work and social barriers.

Hosea Cheung

Media Relations Coordinator

Hosea supports the external relations strategy by communicating ETE's story to the broader community through impactful storytelling.

Taban Yazdani

Bookkeeper + CPA

Taban helps us keep our financials in order so that the organization can continue to make a long term impact.

Amanda Mah

Social Media Coordinator and Specialist Mentor

Amanda is a digital marketer who is supporting the Brand and Marketing team with social media. She also supports the Development Course by teaching digital literacy to entrepreneurs who face work and social barriers.

Mary Pullen

Program Evaluator

Mary brings over 15 years of program evaluation experience to the ETE team and is currently working on developing success metrics for ETE's programming to ensure it's program efficiency.

Janice OBriain

ED @ Venture Connections

Dr. Sarah Lubik

ED @ Charles Chang Institute

Alisha Masongsong

Director @ Exchange Inner City

Atif Saad

Founder @ Co-llective Marketing

Sharon Makina

Big Sisters of BC

Haley Grewal

Upstation VC

Natasha Dion

Natasha Dion

Senior Designer @ Co-llective Marketing

Amy Hemmerling

Cillema Film / Videography

Alex Bocajj

Cillema Film / Videography

Len Pierre

Cultural Competency Advisor

Len is supporting Employ to Empower's leadership team with integrating indigenous worldview in to ETE's programming.

Vivian Chan

Chief Channel Officer Company at NexTech AR Solutions

Vivian is an advisor with ETE and supports with providing guidance around marketing, leadership and human resources.



Tim Ames

Executive Director @ Plan Institute

Our Corporate


We take a well-rounded approach to help members of the DTES move towards self-sufficiency and we ask our corporate partners to join us to do the same. Through the support of our partners, we are able to not only keep supporting residents in the DTES but also able to raise awareness for DTES residents. We allow our corporate supporter come in any vertical they feel comfortable supporting with. Interested in supporting us? Click below to learn about all our offerings.

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Our Resource Partners.

Our team has many skills so we’re able to offer a wide array of services. Far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Contia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Booksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics, a large language ocean.

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