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Our Program.

We provide residents in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside the opportunity to enrol in a ten module Development program, specializing in basic business fundamentals. We also connect residents in our Development program with essential resources through our community partners who specialize in: Counselling, housing, employment or substance use support. Our goal is to give residents a hand up, by growing their skill set and empowering their self confidence.

We Connect You To Resources

Need Support? Employ To Empower works closely with all members to provide holistic support, no matter your need. Through our community partners, we know where to direct you if you are needing support with services listed below:

– Employment Support
– Housing Support
– Counselling Support
– Tax Services Support
– Single Parent Support
– Entrepreneurship Support
– Mentorship Support

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Our Community Partners.

Employ to Empower has built strong relationships with the following organizations who, from time to time, refer entrepreneurial candidates to ETE, support in building programs and/or courses for residents in the Downtown Eastside, and provide support services, working with entrepreneurs in a collaborative, cross-disciplinary team.

Our Development Course

Ten Week Basic Business Fundamentals.

Basic Business Fundamental

The development course is for people who are interested in exploring entrepreneurship. This course includes 10 modules that walk you through basic business fundamentals including: Market research, building an elevator pitch, learning social media, as well as financial management. Our goal is for our facilitators to provide a business fundamentals toolbox for class members to customize for their own entrepreneurship journey.


By the end of the module, you should have a completed business plan and class members will get the opportunity to share their story in the form of a presentation, video, or summary to a panel of community change makers. Former panelists include experts in marketing, entrepreneurship and business strategy.

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Contact us for answers or to sign up for our services! We’re always available to provide you with support.

Our Entrepreneurship Program

Residents in the Downtown Eastside who complete our Development program have the opportunity to join our Entrepreneurship program.