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Entrepreneurial empowerment for Indigenous community members.

If you’re interesting in learning more about our program, please email Isa, Operations Lead at

Our Prioritization of Truth and Reconciliation

Employ to Empower is committed to making Truth and Reconciliation a core part of our organization’s functions. We have quarterly meetings to align and review our reconciliation goals, ensuring our actions continuously resonate with them. Secondly, we’re making Truth & Reconciliation training mandatory in our HR policy, strengthening our commitment to understanding and respect.

The ETE team poses with orange Truth and Reconciliation t-shirts.

Practicing Truth & Reconciliation in Our Workplace

We have commissioned an Indigenous artist to create a territory acknowledgement plaque, a symbolic gesture of honor and awareness. This plaque will be prominently displayed at our front door. Adjacent to the plaque, we will feature a write-up about the site of p̓q̓al̓s, accompanied by a photo of the white rock (transformer stone). This display serves as a visual and educational tool, allowing us and visitors to reflect on the land’s history and significance.

Indigenous Entrepreneurs

Meet Jeanne, a proud member of the Gitxsan Nation for the House of Geel. She moved to Vancouver, BC to receive her Registered Nurse diploma and completed a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at UBC. She currently works as an instructor of the Gitxsan language at the Aboriginal Mothers Centre. Her goal is to share her language not only with those of the Gitxsan nation, but for anyone interested.

Jeanne HarrisGitxsan Instructor and Mentor, ETE Entrepreneur

First Nations Entrepreneurship Program

FNEP is designed to partner with local First Nations governments to help integrate our programs into their procedures. We help those who may not be ready to grow their business and complement existing programs.

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Indigenous Recruitment and Engagement

Guest Speakers

Success is measured by invitations to guest speakers from Indigenous institutions/organizations with the goal of prioritizing cultural humility training in our hiring documentation

Wellness Events

As a team, we will also participate in Indigenous wellness activities and offer optional events and/or consider funded courses for anyone who wants to attend.

Partnerships and Programs

We’ll actively cultivate and nurture connections with Indigenous organizations, looking for partnerships that match with the First Nations Entrepreneurship Program (FNEP).

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