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We empower people in and around Downtown Eastside Vancouver by providing the following Business Skills Training opportunities:

– Ideation Workshop
– 10-week Business Skills Training Program

Our 10-week Business Skills Training Program

Ten Week Basic Business Fundamentals.

This program is for people who have a business idea and are interested in diving deeper into their business idea. This program will cover important topics to know and understand before launching your business.


At the end of the program, you will have a basic business plan and toolkit to help you start your business. The program will cover the following:

• Coming up with your business’ values
• Business research
• Branding & Marketing
• Finances
• Giving a Pitch Presentation

Our goal is for our facilitators to provide a foundational Business Skills toolbox for participants to customize for their own entrepreneurship journey.

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Our Mentorship Program

Residents in the Downtown Eastside who complete our Development program have the opportunity to join our Mentorship program.

Our Ideation Workshop

The Ideation Workshop is a free 2-hour stand-alone workshop that takes place on a monthly basis at our Employ to Empower office.

This workshop is for people who do not have a specific idea yet or for those who want to build on existing ideas in order to come up with potential products and/or services. The workshop covers the following:

• Important factors to look at when forming business ideas or starting your own business.
• Hands-on exercise that enables you to come up with potential business ideas/products or services.

* You can sign up for the Ideation Workshop by sending an email to