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About Us

We are a social enterprise organization that centers around employment to reduce homelessness.

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Our focus is to integrate low-income individuals in the Downtown Eastside (DTES) of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada back into society through dignified jobs at recognized corporations thus discontinuing the drug and sex market that the homeless resort to currently.

our projects

Stage One // Research

Survey over 250 non-profits in the DTES to better understand the roots of homelessness and building proof of model. An additional purpose of this survey is to also find all the gaps that are still in the DTES.

In Progress

Stage Two // Training

Provide donations for low income vendors at the DTES Street Market to sell on top of their social assistance. The purpose is to help people in need build and exercise their leadership, persistence, and willpower.

In Progress

Stage Three // Pilot Study

Once additional funding is secured, we will employ 10 individuals at the Street Store Vancouver for 1 year to build skills and perseverance. Further, we are planning to transition 10 individuals into long-term employment from this pilot.

Funding Needed
Who We Are.


An organization curated by Stephanie Chan and Christina Wong. We are dedicated Qualified Professionals with deep industry and technical expertise to manage a multitude of tasks to support the DTES.


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Christina Wong

Executive Director
Our Partners
Community Supporters

Rosan Auyeung

Clinical Psychotherapy Counsellor at VGH

Farhan Mohamed

Editor in Chief & Partner at Daily Hive

Ash Macleod

Managing Director at Mark Brand Inc.

Constance Barnes

DTES Street Market Manager

Sarah Blyth

Manager of Overdose Prevention Society

Janice O’Briain

Associate Director of Entrepreneurship at SFU

Dr. Sarah Lubik

Director of Entrepreneurship at SFU

Joshua Jackai

Founder of Frontrvnners
Want To Participate?

Thank you for your interest in participating in ETE. Although we encourage everyone to apply, to qualify as a potential candidate you must meet specific requirements ETE set. We are sorry to inform you that not everyone will be contacted.