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Lead Volunteer Coordinator

Starting Date September 1, 2022 (Minimum 8 months, 10 hours/week)

*Organization Overview*

We believe that every person is capable of achieving self confidence, financial well-being, and a sense of belonging, while contributing to their community.

We focus on providing personalized support. Our mission is to empower people who face work and social barriers to cultivate community connections through entrepreneurship and self-advocacy opportunities.

We are not an organization that embodies traditional entrepreneurship. Nearly a quarter of residents in the Downtown Eastside (DTES) are striving to become entrepreneurs as an avenue for earning supplemental income, developing confidence, and most importantly, contributing back to their community – thus creating ripples of change.

We learned from our community that entrepreneurial success for many people is not always measured by traditional profit models. For Employ to Empower (ETE), entrepreneurial success is about pursuing one’s passion, developing a business, generating revenues, and as a result, reinforcing who they are, what their potential could be, and most importantly, how they feel about themselves. Self esteem, self worth, and confidence are the building blocks of change. At Employ to Empower, success is measured by the human experience, not by the growth of their business.

The Advocacy Pillar creates storytelling and self-advocacy opportunities for members of our program. Members of our program are entrepreneurs who experience barriers (homelessness, addiction, disability, mental illness) who live, work, or access services in the DTES.The opportunities consist of podcasts, annual talk show, educational workshops, and a docuseries. The goal: to educate the broader community with a diverse perspective- shifting the negative stigma about the DTES, and more importantly give individuals with lived experiences to speak on their own behalf.

*Position Description*

Title Description: Lead Volunteer Coordinator
Reporting To: Advocacy Lead
Location: In Person and Remote
Desired Start Date: September 1, 2022
Commitment: 8 months, 10 hours/week
Position Type: Volunteer

Events the Lead Volunteer Coordinator Would be Working on:

September 1st 2022 to November 30th 2022
“A Day in the Life” Docuseries Screening
“A Day in the Life” is a docuseries currently featuring 3 documentaries of 3 different individuals by 3 different filmmakers. The nature of a stigma is it generalizes a population to a single description. For those who live, work, and access services in the DTES, the stigma paints a negative outlook of an individual living with work and social barriers such as homelessness, trauma, addiction, disability and many others. Each individual, has their own unique experiences that are worthy of being humanized. This project aims for its audience to access insight, a new perspective into the complexities of an individual, seen one day at a time.
February 1st 2023 to May 31st 2023
Cardboard Project 5.0
In person talk show show casing an art gallery of 100+ cardboard responses from members of the DTES community as well as featuring three program entrepreneur guest speakers. The cardboard responses will centre around the themed question (TBD). (Examples from previous years include Cardboard Project 1.0: What is something that has shaped who you are today? Cardboard Project 4.0: What is something you wished more people understood about you?) The event recognizes that oftentimes individuals facing homelessness holding a piece of cardboard speaks to a need, not a story. The event centers around sharing individual stories by those who experience work and social barriers.
Lead Volunteer Coordinator will lead team of volunteers that will support in the promoting of the event, as well as support in executing event day logistics for both events

*Key Tasks*

Event Volunteers

– Volunteer role description writing
– Volunteer communication
– Volunteer scheduling
– Volunteer training


– Organized
– Strong attention to detail
– Proactive communicator
– Ability to problem solve
– Reliable team player

*Education & Experience*

– Previous experience working in a volunteer focused role
– Previous experience in a leadership role/coordinator role

Application Procedure

E-mail cover letter and resume to