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The Cardboard Project | Episode 1

By October 11, 2021March 29th, 2022No Comments

In honour of World Mental Health Day and Homeless Action Week, Deirdre Pinnock joins us in this open conversation about the complexities of mental health and the individual experience. We dive into aspects of our very human experiences – our fears, uncertainties, insecurities, and vulnerabilities. These pieces connect us as humans, no matter the amount of money you make or where you call home.

Deirdre Pinnock is a talented Rug Hooker, entrepreneur, and a mental health advocate, best known for her yarnbombs of “you are not alone” and “you are enough” in public chain link fences. Inspired by her own mental health journey, of depression, anxiety, grief, and loss, she continues to find inspiration in her community.

To learn more about Deirdre’s story, follow the following link to hear her dive deeper into her story:

For those listening, whether you are currently on your mental health journey, just starting, or know someone that is. Know that the process is not linear, and that is okay. Here are some things you can do today for your mental health:

  • Go on a walk with the intention of having no timeline, no direction, and no obligation
  • Reach out to a friend and make plans to meet asap
  • Allow yourself to cry without shaming yourself for it
  • Bake a pumpkin pie
  • Scream into a pillow
  • Make a playlist of your top 50 favourite songs, all of the guilty pleasures, the karaoke go-tos, and jams of nostalgia- play this playlist LOUD AND PROUD
  • Close your eyes. Think back to an activity that energized you, that excited you, that made you feel most you. This is your permission token to drop what you’re doing and do it. (and tomorrow) (and the next day)

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