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Everything You Need to Know About Being a Donation Champion

By October 25, 2021No Comments
3 volunteers in purple hats pose together at the Street Store 5.0

A little about The Street Store…

The Vancouver Street Store is a free outdoor pop-up store, facilitated by Employ to Empower, that takes place annually in December for residents in the Downtown Eastside. Street Store is what we consider a reverse gala– our take on an event that raises awareness, addresses a need and brings people together, but instead of dressing up ourselves, we dress the community! Since 2014, the Street Store has made an impact in the community by working with 493+ volunteers, sharing 66550 donations and spreading holiday cheer to more than 6,367 residents.

So, what’s a Donation Champion?


Our Donation Champions are the backbone of Street Store. Without them, there would be no Store. Basically, it’s selfless volunteers who help us collect donations within their communities or inner social circles.

To be a Donation Champion you will be helping connect our broader Vancouver community with previously loved items, shared amongst our DTES community. As a Donation Champion, you may apply as an individual or as an organization.

Don’t worry, once you sign up, we’ll take you through it all with step-by-step guides and support.

How Can I Help?

Well, once you sign up, we’ll send you a Donation Champion package which includes everything you need. We need you to rally the troops and make a call-out over social media and within your social circles for donations. You’ll then set up a drop-off point which can be an apartment building, your house, a workspace or even a community centre for all your friends and family to drop off their donations.

You’ll be in charge of overseeing all that gets donated to you. We’ll need your help labelling your bags and organizing the clothes by size and type. Eventually, you’ll bring your donation to us and ta-da! You’ve made an immeasurable difference in your community.

Items Most Needed

You can imagine some clothing items are more popular than others. At the end of the day, every donation counts but here are some items that are important every year:

  1. Men’s jackets
  2. Men’s pants
  3. Winter jackets
  4. Blankets
  5. Backpacks

Become a Donation Champion now!