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Finding the Diamonds in the Rough | The Cardboard Project Episode 2

By January 2, 2022No Comments

A member of the Downtown Eastside (DTES) community for 48, going on 49, years, Elwood Price joins us in our second episode to bring light to the rich history of the DTES. He offers stories based on key shifts in the urban developments, that shifted the people, the opportunities, and opinions of the community. From these sequence of events, we share the overtly missed truth: the stigma that we see in the media was not an ~always~ thing.

From his time living in the DTES, he has gained essential knowledge of what is needed in the community, bringing rise to the importance of a peer-lens. Elwood, co-founder of Crap Trapper, dedicates his time to offering his community services that are often missed – such as fecal removal, prescription delivery, and electric and motorized wheelchair maintenance.

Listen in to learn about the city’s cultural hub, local gems, and gain a different perspective when thinking about the DTES.

To learn more about Elwood and his story, please enjoy this mini documentary filmed and edited by Sam Neufeld and Eri Kikuchi.

This podcast was also recorded and edited by the lovely Eri Kikuchi.

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